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The New Cities – 8pm

Stonefeather – 9pm

Socadia – 10pm

Former Future – 11pm

SOCADIA’s single “In Your Dreams” is in rotation nationwide on the Los Angeles INDIE 103 syndicated Radio Show Passport Approved!

You can listen in to the following stations, and call in to request/show your love for the song.

Please tell them you love it, you want to hear it again, they should play it more often!!!

As you can see on the playlist picture below, the song has good company!! – Los Angeles – Indie 103.1 – Minnesota 89.3 – The Current – Vermont – 102.7 – Portland – 94.7FM – Virginia – 106.1 The Corner – Philadelphia – XPN2 – Germany – FLUX FM – Los Angeles – Moheak radio

INDIE 103 and their show “Passport Approved” have invited SOCADIA to perform at the night club lounge ON THE ROX next Wednesday NOVEMBER 9th at 10pm.

ON THE ROX is located on top of THE ROXY on the Sunset Strip in Hollywood, CA.  Here is a link to the venue:

The best thing is that it’s FREE if you RSVP to!

Please listen to INDIE and the show “Passport Approved” for announcements on air about the event!!! Here is a link to INDIE 103’s website:

“Catch Me” by Socadia appears in the SyFy show Being Human (US), during the episode “It Takes Two To Make A Thing Go Wrong” – Season 1, Episode 6.

“Catch Me” starts at 13:44 of the video below. Please support Socadia by purchasing our music at Thanks!!!

Watch at Fiat explores Australia, to the tune of Catch Me.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3