New single “In Your Dreams” now available!!

Listen to “In Your Dreams” here:

The song was produced by Nick Young from the band A.I. and mastered by Maor Applebaum at Applebaum Mastering.
It took us a little while to get this song finished as Nick was in the thick of finishing a documentary about the Canadian painter WILLIAM KURELEK. The song was recorded in A.I.’s home studio between November 2010 and March 2011. We would go into the studio about once a week and work on whatever we thought the track needed. Nick’s mind works like a laser once started up, and sometimes we would go until the wee hours of the morning. Sometimes Zack (Nick’s brother) would pop in and give some feedback. It was all family and a labor of love, and we are thankful for every minute of the experience.
The song itself deals with the confusion of man’s pursuit of happiness, a continuous SOCADIAN theme
. Living in an a.d.d. society of countless distractions, it appears as though we are completely lost in doing things, but often forget why we do them. On top of that we are continuously bombarded with messages to purchase things in order to belong. We need to belong, so we get sold, and in turn feel even more alienated when the desired results don’t arrive. Reality show after reality show we are shown examples of greedy personalities struggling to attain a status of prominence, while the level of depth and quality diminishes more and more. We are flat lining as a society, while trying to keep ourselves afloat by clinging to things we can’t control. The combination of materialism and stupidity climaxes in the image of the spiritual salesperson who wants us to put down a credit card in order to get saved.
“In your dreams” was written from the perspective of someone trying to step back from everything that’s going on around him, someone trying real hard to find something truthful. The only hope that person may have is the pursuit of that truth. Results will vary. Every man for himself.

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