Los Angeles based SOCADIA [so-KAY-dee-uh] is dark, electronic rock with emotional lifts – driven by pulsing rhythms, insistent guitars and healthy layers of synths, and topped by vocals oozing with dirty lust and passionate pleas.

“SOCADIA is an imaginary utopia,” says singer Stephan Martin of the band name. “It’s a modern day Arcadia. To live in SOCADIA is to aspire; to be uninhibited, vulnerable, and free to express your emotions.”

SOCADIA hit the ground running in 2008 with the release of the COY EP, which caught the attention of Red Bull. In September of 2009, SOCADIA was flown to Salzburg, Austria for a headlining performance at Red Bull’s HangART-11. That same year, SOCADIA’s “Always Near” music video won SXSW’s Click Competition.

After playing countless shows in Southern California and Mexico, SOCADIA released their second EP (Trees For The Forest) and two subsequent singles (“Catch Me” and “The heart is giving all it can”) in 2010. Matt McJunkins (A Perfect Circle, 30 Seconds to Mars) was recruited to play bass on the Trees EP, and Our Lady Peace’s Steve Mazur pitched in on guitar.

“Catch Me” has since been prominently featured in the SyFy show Being Human, and has received airplay on Austria’s Hitradio OE3 and on internet radio channels from Mexico and the USA. Fiat tapped “Catch Me” (videos here) and “The heart is giving all it can” (videos here) to provide the soundtrack to six Fiat 500 commercials.

On June 18, 2010, SOCADIA took the stage to a packed house at London’s famed Hope & Anchor club, marking the start of their “The heart is giving all it can” European Tour. SOCADIA went on to Austria, playing the Movida Festival in Salzburg and multiple performances in Vienna, Graz, and Kapfenberg. While being driven around the Austrian countryside in Red Bull’s Brandwagen tour bus, the band repeatedly stopped for spontaneous performances at parks, universities on the way to gigs.

“The European tour – and this band in general – was born out of passion,” says SOCADIA singer and founder Stephan Martin. “We wanted to play shows in Europe because our sound is a good fit. We put it out there to the world, and just said ‘let’s see what happens.’ We made calls, booked it ourselves, and there we were, touring through Europe.”

SOCADIA released the new single “In Your Dreams” in June 2011, and is currently seeking representation and management.

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