“Catch Me” by Socadia appears in the SyFy show Being Human (US), during the episode “It Takes Two To Make A Thing Go Wrong” – Season 1, Episode 6.

“Catch Me” starts at 13:44 of the video below. Please support Socadia by purchasing our music at http://socadia.bandcamp.com. Thanks!!!

Thank you to Cris Tabby for filming these and sending to us! We encourage fans filming our shows, taking photos, recording audio, all that! share share share! :-)

“Catch Me”

“Waiting It Out”

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Canadian rock band Our Lady Peace is back in the studio, working on their 8th studio record. Socadia drummer Dusty Schaller (who served as assistant engineer, digital editor, and videographer for Our Lady Peace’s previous record, “Burn Burn”) is once again joining them to twist knobs and push buttons.

We’ll keep you updated on the as-yet-untitled record’s progress, and also head to www.ourladypeace.net for more info!

Watch at Fiat explores Australia, to the tune of Catch Me.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

“The heart is giving all it can” Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

<a href="http://socadia.bandcamp.com/album/catch-me-single">Catch Me by Socadia</a>

Live from Austria

Socadia playing Land of Peasants at Movida Festival in Salzburg

On steps of Vienna University, before the cops shut us down

We’ve tickled the hearts of the folks at ThisHotFire.com, apparently.

“When I said the guys were on tour in Europe, they did it as an independent band with no label, no manager, and no booking agent. Dusty and the other band member Stephan Martin decided they wanted to hit Europe and play music for the masses overseas and just see what happens. That my friends is hardcore and I’ve got all the respect I can give for these guys. Its tough giving it a shot and just seeing what turns out… I know.” – ThisHotFire.com

Read the write-up “Pals in the Music Industry” here, then take a look around the rest of his site and leave him a comment or two. He’s a funny, funny man.


Soundchecking at the legendary U4 Diskothek in Vienna, Austria. June 22, 2010